“Unique Auto is an undiscovered gem. They work on everything at around 10% below their competitors. The owner, Ted, is very cool. I’ve used them for alternators and even to replace an entire engine. Good, solid work. Ask about the $59.95 service that enables them to diagnose a used car BEFORE you buy. It could save you a lot of money.”

— Lynn H.

“I have been having my vehicles repaired by Ted, the owner of this shop, for over 10 years now. I had just moved to Omaha at the time I met him, and I had a ’79 Jeep J-10 pickup truck with a 360 V8 & Quadra-Trac full time 4WD that made grown mechanics cry for their mothers. I could find no one in the area confident enough to put a wrench on that Quadra-Trac unit. A friend of mine recommended Ted, a guy he found out about that did side jobs out of his home garage. Ted had rebuilt the rear end of his RX 7 and had done an amazing job at a low price. So I called, and knew within seconds that I had found a champ. He rattled off all the specs of my vehicle as soon as I mentioned it was a ’79 J-10. I got the truck over to his house and in short order I was back on the road, and I’ve been going to him for vehicle repairs ever since. In time, my parents also started going to him, and all of my friends, especially after he opened this shop in 2001. Another review calls this a ‘hole in the wall garage’, and that may or may not be true. It’s not a small operation by any means, but it’s not the fanciest shop you’ll find in Omaha. If you want your car repaired right at an affordable price, go to Unique Auto. And with the money you’ll save, you can view artwork, sip lattes and read stimulating magazines in a pristine environment, at Barnes & Noble on your way home after picking up your car!”

— Chris B.

“A true local garage! They are always very nice, prompt, fair, and do great work! They will drop you off at home or work once you drop your car off and will pick you up when the work is done (great for a family like mine with only one car). When my rack and pinion went out they gave me the alignment for free and even detailed my car for me. Everything including my tires sparkled! I recommend them to ANYONE whenever they ask about a mechanic.”

— Alex R.